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The Dependable Partner You Need

Who Are We?

  • We're a market leading manufacturer & distributor of colorant and chemical solutions
  • Proudly family owned and operated
  • Headquarters: Princeton, NJ
  • Primary shipping depot: Charlotte, NC
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When were we founded?

  • Doors opened in 1995
  • Now with more than two decades of experience, we've grown and adapted to the demands of the marketplace
  • In an industry requiring quality precision and timely service, we're continually committed to putting a smile on the industry's face
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Color Dye Manufacturers

What do we offer?

    We gladly offer market-focused raw materials for your varying color application requirements

    We specialize in:

  • Full-range of organic dyestuffs
  • Dry powders and dispersions for the pigments market
  • Specialty and fine chemicals
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Where do we supply?

  • Wherever you require it!
  • In addition to continuing our dedication of serving the U.S. marketplace, we have transformed our global capabilities
  • Our logistical experts streamline the worldwide shipping challenges for timely delivery
  • Inquire about direct shipments from our overseas plants

Why Choose Us?

  • (P)assion - we work each day to bring color alive. A black and white world simply isn't as beautiful!
  • (P)ersonalized service - each client is at the forefront of priorities and the backbone of the business DNA
  • (P)roduct expertise - by our own Dr. Color
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The Chemworld Advantage

Quality with Integrity

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When the business model focuses on quality, the products can sell themselves. Our market-approved quality stems from decades of developed relations with our reputable manufacturing partners. With production in the hands of world-class manufacturers, our customers have grown accustomed to stress-free procurement.


Understanding the colorants market is similar to understanding the stock market - pricing can fluctuate daily. Our sourcing experts have developed a deep understanding of not only the dyes and pigments market, but also the raw materials that go into producing them. The knowledge from which country to source and at precisely which time is what gives us our competitive edge. Our vendor relationships are as instrumental as any other factors to our company's growth.

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When it comes to quality, our clients expect repetitive consistency of our batches. Beginning with stringent quality assurance by our partner labs overseas, coupled with domestic lab testing, we're determined to ensure each lot is in line with the client's standard.

Color Dye Manufacturers

Low Overhead Model

In this demanding business world, we have strived to run a lean and efficient business model. From streamlining day-to-day operations, cutting back on overhead, and becoming a more hands-on staff, we're able to pass on our savings directly to our clients.

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Advanced Lab Capabilities

Dyes, pigments, and chemicals are raw materials with many specifications and characteristics. Working with them can bring about certain challenges, and we're here to help you every step of the way. Between utilization of our local and overseas labs, we can assist in custom color matching, blending and formulating.

Environmentally Conscious

Operational excellence should not come at the expense of our environment. Our eco-friendly means is a company initiative from responsible manufacturing and sourcing to adhering to pertinent EPA regulations.


We take pride in simplifying your procurement process! Let us ease your supply chain worries with:

  • Same-day shipping capabilities
  • No Minimum Order Quantity on most products
  • Worldwide shipping
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Expansive Inventory

There are many ways to grow a business. We've chosen the customer route. We invest directly in our customers by stocking their required items in domestic inventory for rapid order fulfillment. Our wide array of product selection allows you to select the right color for the right application.

Our Mission

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Our mission here is to unzip the world of color! We're dedicated to delivering value-driven colorant solutions with a personal touch.

Our passion for the industry is instilled in our customer-centric foundation. With goals of operational excellence, insurmountable quality, and unparalleled ethical standards, we strive to be your preferred supply chain partner of choice.