Optical Whiteners

What are Optical Brighteners?

Optical brightening agents (OBA's), sometimes referred to as fluorescent whitening agents, are chemical compounds responsible for the "whitening" effect in materials. By absorbing ultraviolet light, and reemitting blue light, OBA's function to have a brightening effect on the substrate and/or "masking" the yellowish color. Essentially, optical whitening agents play a vital role in making things appear whiter and brighter.

What applications are Optical Brighteners used in?

Optical brighteners can be utilized for many applications, but are commonly used in the following:

  • Textile fabrics
  • Paints
  • Plastics
  • Soaps/Detergents
  • Paper
  • Films and sheets
  • Printing inks
  • Leak tracer
  • Lacquers
  • Adhesives

Chemworld International offers an optical brightener for nearly every application. Both powder and liquid forms are available to suit the demands of your industry.

Properties of Optical Brighteners

When selecting an appropriate optical whitener, it's a sensible idea to take the varying properties into account. Each industry requires certain parameters to be met for optical brightener use. For example, molded thermoplastics prioritize heat stability and polymer compatibility. For textile fiber applications, emphasis may be placed on light fastness and desired shade. The following properties should be considered when selecting an optical brightener:

  • Degree of whiteness levels
  • Light fastness
  • Tints/shades
  • Temperature stability
  • Wet fastness
  • Chemical stability

Optical Brightener Suppliers in USA

Chemworld International is a leading optical brightener supplier based in the USA. The primary goal is to supply customers with the highest quality OBA's, conforming to product parametersateconomical price points. As a decades-old supplier for the plastics, textile, and detergent industries, Chemworld Int'l has competitive advantages on the following:

  • Plastics

    OB (Optical Brightener 184) and OB-1(Optical Brightener 393) with wide polymer stability

  • Textile

    polyester, nylon, and cotton liquid optical brighteners with brilliant whitening effects.

  • Detergents

    powder OBA's for formulation ease

For any product inquires in regards to technical information or samples, kindly reach out to our customer service team!