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Our world is full of color. We may take it for granted, but it’s the wide spectrum of color dyes and pigments that really bring color to our world. Out of all the color chemicals out there, you may be wondering -- which color dyes or pigment is most frequently used? The single most versatile dye, without question, would be Acid Blue 9. Commonly referred to as ‘Brilliant Blue FCF’ in the marketplace, this product happens to be a staple product of Chemworld’s wide-ranging product line.

As a high brilliancy blue coupled with high tinting strength, Acid Blue 9 is the recommended hue for many applications. Distinct advantages of this product choice include its ecologically and chemically safe nature of this dye. This is the same dye that is utilized for food coloring! Not only does Acid Blue 9 present an economically sound option, but its compatibility and flexibility in various formulas make it a straightforward choice.

Acid Blue 9 versatility stems from its chemical structure and tremendous soluble properties. Its non-toxic and biodegradable properties allow for varying suitable uses: ponds/lakes, water-tracer dyes, agriculture (seed colorants and fertilizers), spray-pattern indicators, detergents, inks, cleaning compounds, stationary goods, and much more.

Product availability:

  • 200% and crude powder
  • Granular form
  • FD&C Blue #1 (FDA certified powder)
  • 50% concentrated liquid

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