Textiles Dyes

A color dye is a type of substance added to textile fibers or yarns in order to impart a new color. These fibers can range from acetate, acrylic, cotton, nylon, to polyester and many more. Organic dyes are the preferred compounds used for dyeing purposes to achieve the desired results. Chemworld International offers a full spectrum of dyestuff for varying textile industries such as apparel, carpet and upholstery. In the textile industry, mills extensively utilize our acid, disperse, reactive, and basic dyes. Additionally, our optical brightening agents and chemicals support the industry.

With a focus on high quality colorants, we manufacture all types of textile dyes carefully engineered and developed. These textile dyes, suitable for both synthetic and natural fibers, are produced with emphasis on quality standards as well as environmental care. Since our textile dyes and chemicals play a key role in our customer's finished products, our primary objective is to exceed the quality and service expectations of our textile customers.

Dyes and Pigments for Textile

In order to attain optimal results, it's essential to understand the fundamentals of textile dyes and pigments:

  • Reactive dyes - suitable for dyeing cellulose fibers and printing process
  • Acid dyes - versatile water-soluble dyes ideal for nylon, silk, wool and leather
  • Disperse dyes - polyester dyes with excellent build-up and all-around fastness
  • Direct dyes - for use on cellulosic fiber with exhaust and padding methods
  • Basic dyes - water-soluble dyes ideally used for acrylic fibers and wool
  • Pigment dispersions - a market trend used for both padding and printing; mainly geared for mills carrying out printing works and associated coating applications

Textile Dye Suppliers in USA

Chemworld International is a leading textile dyes supplier based in USA. Specializing in colorant and chemical solutions for all industry sizes, our mission is driven by a customer-centric experience. We manufacture a variety of high-quality products for dyeing and printing processes with the customers' finished goods in mind. Additionally, our services include:

  • Matching color shades with a spectrophotometer
  • Technical problem solving
  • Assistance for in-plant trial runs
  • Troubleshooting production problems
  • Textile dyes and chemical procurement
  • Economical 1:1 replacements of workhorse dyes
  • Research and development of specialty dyes
  • Advanced lab capabilities
  • Precise color recommendations
  • Guidance for choosing and optimizing dyestuff
  • Regulatory assistance

Our company employs a team of experts who have a wide knowledge of problem-solving skills and earned a reputation for their technical expertise. Dyes and pigments are an indispensable component of textile industries which help to set standards in the production process.

Whether they are conventional, custom-formulated, workhorse, or specialty dyes, we take pride in supplying our products in a timely fashion. We offer worldwide shipping to customers from our domestic and overseas facilities. With our strong customer support team in place, we aim to provide invaluable solutions through exceptional quality and service.

For further enquiries - you can contact us at (609)750-0093 or by emailing to learn more about the company!